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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#5 Use of libnetfilter_queue instead of libipq new bless enhancement minor
#6 MRI too wild not implemented new bless defect minor
#8 TP internal demultiplexing new bless task minor Release 1.0
#9 address class cleanup new bless task minor
#17 Use log4cxx as the backend logging mechanism new bless enhancement minor
#18 Reduction of threading new bless task minor
#30 Common test console code in protlib? new bless task minor
#31 Multiple MA support new bless task minor
#46 Routing state should not be established if confirm is missing new bless defect minor
#51 Expire_RNode and No_Confirm are currently running on the same slot new bless defect minor
#52 Message with unknown MRM should be relayed new bless defect major
#58 If no usable MA can be created, we do not behave in a sensible way... new bless defect major
#71 No Graceful behavior if TLS connection setup fails... new bless defect major
#82 MA tear down only for new MAs new bless defect major
#85 SII handle expiration new bless defect minor
#86 Support for sending Data PDU in Q-Mode (stateless D-mode) new bless enhancement minor Release 0.97
#87 Delivery of Data message in stateless operation should indicate that routing state was not validated new bless defect minor Release 0.97
#88 RecvMessage should indicate the Inbound interface new bless defect minor
#89 Receiving interface should be stored in the routing state new bless defect minor
#91 GIST crashes if application via UDS/Apiwrapper is disconnected new bless defect minor
#94 GIST draft-ietf-nsis-ntlp-16 upgrade: SendMessage() InterceptionClass new bless task major Release 1.0
#96 Add proxy mode logic new bless enhancement major
#100 Bad GIST query w/o NTLP objects crashes gist new bless defect major
#101 Resends with RII are broken new bless defect major
#102 process_sii_handle broken new bless defect major
#103 Send first Query in S=0 mode new bless task major
#108 InvalidateRoutingState broken assigned bless defect major
#110 SII handle change or routing change should trigger new RESERVE new bless defect major
#111 shift local if functions to utility module new bless task minor
#118 Catch Exception whenever client is no longer connected to UDS new bless defect major
#119 Interception at intermediate nodes doesn't work for packets without RAO new bless task minor
#121 Add hook functions triggered on runtime config updates new bless enhancement minor
#124 errorobject needs to support more than one object value info new bless task minor
#134 Segfault when deleting first dataqueue entry new bless defect minor
#145 QoS-NSLP doesn't properly handle endpoints that are not QoS-NSLP aware new bless defect major
#154 Update to latest draft-18 new bless task major
#159 RSN for TEARing RESERVE gets incremented twice on QNEs new bless defect minor
#161 More efficient implementation of routingtable::findNLI(const appladdress* peer) new bless task minor
#163 Crash during startup on tb13 new bless defect major
#170 Est MRM uses encapsulated PC-MRI to determine outgoing address new bless defect minor
#172 GIST wrongly reports and error when DATA PDU is received in QN_AWAITING_REFRESH new bless defect trivial
#176 QoS NSLP Break and Reduced Refresh message flags improperly defined in nslp_pdu.h new bless task minor
#20 Revisit Locking new hiwi-laier defect major
#97 Add simple RMF logic new roehricht task major
#139 Start refreshing GIST handshake immediately when a matching IGMP/ICMPv6 Membership Report arrives new stud-lenk enhancement minor
#144 Add handling of NOTIFY PDUs for multicast (Sender-initiated) assigned stud-lenk task minor
#75 Update to draft 14 new stud-matfried task major
#76 Update to draft 15 new stud-matfried task major
#77 Update to draft 16 new stud-matfried task major
#78 Update to draft 17 new stud-matfried task major
#2 Create a test suite for GIST new task minor
#3 Use vector-based implementation of IEManager new enhancement minor
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