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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#16 GIST crashes during stress tests bless defect critical GIST
#4 SII-Handle assignment, mapping, and re-use for multiple sessions bless task major GIST
#10 SCTP implementation - Test and Integrate hiwi-laier task major GIST
#12 Default values for config file parameters bless defect major GIST
#15 send back an error if MA-Hold-Time is missing or 0 bless task major GIST
#22 Update to draft-13: Endpoint found error to permanent-failure class hiwi-laier task major GIST
#25 Upgrade to draft-12: magic number in Q-mode bless task major GIST
#26 Upgrade to draft-12: NLI in response messages bless task major GIST
#27 make msghandle flexible type bless task major GIST
#28 PC-MRI TrafficClass -> DS Field bless task major GIST
#29 NSLP Data in Query for D-mode should be configurable option bless task major GIST
#32 Improve MA state handling and er_MAFailure handling bless task major GIST
#33 Test 1.5 failure, MA re-use should check for secure attribute bless defect major GIST
#34 Test 1.9 failure, we do not consider the D-flag bless defect major GIST
#35 Incoming DATA PDU in state "Awaiting Confirm" should trigger an error message "No routing state" bless defect major GIST
#37 Test 1.14 in late state: delivers data while handshake in progress and does not send back error bless defect major GIST
#38 Responder Cookie was accepted although modified... bless defect major GIST
#39 Error message "no routing state" not sent back over TCP connection when handshake failed bless defect major GIST
#40 Failed test 1.18 - stack proposal is not verified in confirm bless defect major GIST
#41 MA must be torn down if stack proposal check failed bless defect major GIST
#42 Error message Cookie Validation Failed must be configurable... bless defect major GIST
#43 MA tear down in case of responder cookie validation failure? bless defect major GIST-Protocol-Spec
#44 Avoid reconnect TCP/MA when connection was closed bless defect major GIST
#45 Require handshake option not really working bless defect major GIST
#47 Query in Awaiting refresh is ignored due to Response retries bless defect major GIST
#48 No_Confirm timer bless defect major GIST-Protocol-Spec
#49 Confirm with wrong Stack Proposal should stop retransmission bless defect major GIST-Protocol-Spec
#50 Sending back errors over already closed MAs bless defect major GIST-Protocol-Spec
#53 Q-mode encapsulated DATA should be accepted and passed to the NSLP bless defect major GIST
#54 MA re-use: we send Stack proposal in response and expect one in the response bless defect major GIST
#55 Clarification for Stack proposal and Stack configuration data in Confirm required bless defect major GIST-Protocol-Spec
#56 Building Stack Proposal for secure transfer is wrong bless defect major GIST
#57 Query should not contain stack configuration data bless defect major GIST
#59 Secure MA required, but insecure MA re-used and accepted by us bless defect major GIST
#60 randomize() is really wrong... bless defect major GIST
#61 Crash when sending response for SCTP offer bless defect major GIST
#62 SCTP peer-address detection bless defect major GIST
#63 RAO selection bless defect major GIST
#64 Inactive_QNode should (not?) be reset by a response bless defect major GIST-Protocol-Spec
#66 Confirm required (nor not) for routing state or C-Mode setup? bless defect major GIST-Protocol-Spec
#67 Does not compile on Fedora 6 bless defect major GIST
#68 draft-14 upgrade: silently drop messages with wrong magic number bless task major GIST
#69 draft-14 upgrade: responder cookie generation must include interface bless task major GIST
#70 Stack Configuration data with bogus contents when only TCP/TLS is offered bless defect major GIST
#72 MA NoHello timer is not stopped if going back from MA_IDLE to MA_CONNECTED bless defect major GIST
#73 Inactive QNode Timer is always restarted if Response arrives bless defect major GIST
#74 Queue poll timer cancel failure when upgrading from D-Mode to C-Mode on Querier side bless defect major GIST
#79 Always sending/awaiting Responder Cookies if Confirm required bless defect major GIST
#80 must update PDU and object type codes bless defect major NATFW-NSLP
#81 "Information Code Object" in Response carries no Object Type? bless defect major NATFW-NSLP
#83 GIST does not correctly re-use MA if Confirm omits stack configuration data bless defect major GIST
#84 State setup in D-mode in case of MA re-use and late state installation bless defect major Release 0.96 GIST
#90 Address configuration fails if gist.conf lists "query" hiwi-laier defect major QOS-NSLP
#92 encode64() in netmsg test fails on 64-bit platform bless defect major ProtLib
#93 make SCTP_KERN=1 fails due to MAKEFLAGS bless defect major GIST
#95 GIST crashes within apiwrapper for nsis-0.5.1-dev and nsis-0.6.0 bless defect major GIST
#104 Receiver-initiated reservations defunct bless defect major QOS-NSLP
#106 GIST handling of NO_RESPONSE timeout and RefreshQNode timer bless defect major GIST
#107 IPv6 packet capture for query packets fails if MIP6 RO header is present bless defect major GIST
#109 Update to draft v17 bless task major GIST
#112 bool ntlp_pdu::objectarray::insert(uint32 pos, ntlp_object* obj) doesn't work for pos==0 bless defect major GIST
#113 GIST crashes in receiving a query (only configpar branch) bless defect major GIST
#114 NAT Traversal object must be echoed in Responder Cookie for late state installation bless defect major GIST
#115 D-Bit in MRI should be set correctly if NAT traversal object is used bless defect major GIST
#116 Crash if RecvMessages but no Routing State exists bless defect major GIST
#120 Transport protocol negotiation fails if SCTP is compiled in, but not advertised bless defect major GIST
#122 NAT traversal: Response on refreshing Query is sent back to internal NLI address bless defect major GIST
#123 Refreshing/MA re-use Response via MA and w/o Stack Proposal causes MA re-use failure bless defect major GIST
#125 Don't upgrade Querying Node to C-mode if Responding Node indicates MA re-use bless task major GIST-Multicast
#130 QoS-Nodes need to decide: Last signaling hop or not? stud-lenk task major QoS-NSLP-Multicast
#131 Forward Queries to network interfaces as specified in multicast routing table micha.lenk@… task major GIST-Multicast
#132 Make sure data objects reach all multicast peers micha.lenk@… task major GIST-Multicast
#133 DATA gets delivered to multicast peer before CONFIRM micha.lenk@… defect major GIST-Multicast
#138 QNE needs to generate new Query for new multicast peer (receiver-initiated reservation) stud-lenk task major QoS-NSLP-Multicast
#140 QNI/QNE should refresh immediately when GIST notifies about a new multicast peer (sender-initiated reservation) stud-lenk task major QoS-NSLP-Multicast
#141 Delete peer from multicast peer list when receiving an error from next hop stud-lenk task major GIST-Multicast
#142 Extend GIST-API InvalidateRoutingEntry() by SII handle stud-lenk task major GIST-Multicast
#143 Remove peer (SII) from list on NetworkNotification(bad) from GIST stud-lenk task major QoS-NSLP-Multicast
#146 Error "Endpoint Found" doesn't invalidate routing state and doesn't notify affected NSLP bless defect major GIST
#147 Notify NSLP about removed multicast peers stud-lenk task major GIST-Multicast
#148 RSN handling seems to be broken bless defect major QOS-NSLP
#149 QNR doesn't send RESPONSE on tearing RESERVE with RII object bless defect major QOS-NSLP
#151 RSN implementation should use RFC1982 logic bless defect major QOS-NSLP
#152 Updated RESERVE does not get forwarded by a QNE bless defect major QOS-NSLP
#153 TEARing RESERVE needs incremented RSN bless defect major QOS-NSLP
#156 Store PACKET_CLASSIFIER in NSLP_Flow_Context bless task major QOS-NSLP
#157 Send only a single RESPONSE upstream on branching nodes stud-lenk defect major QoS-NSLP-Multicast
#158 RIIs for receiver-initiated RESERVEs don't get selected randomly bless defect major QOS-NSLP
#160 Sending back an echo reply in C-mode is broken for multicast bless defect major GIST-Multicast
#162 Crash in AdressList bless defect major ProtLib
#164 Assertion when resending a Confirm bless defect major GIST
#166 Explicit routing of DATA messages doesn't use an existing MA bless defect major GIST
#168 Querier crash when trying to resend Query on receipt of error message in QN established bless defect major GIST
#169 Correct Responder Cookie gets rejected while cookie secret rolls over bless defect major GIST
#171 Promotion of D-Mode to MA re-use not honored for refreshing Query bless defect major GIST
#173 routing state and MA handling of nodes with different i/f addresses bless defect major GIST
#175 Confirm carries wrong NLI after re-routing happened bless defect major GIST
#1 state module should be split up task minor GIST
#7 Protocol Proposal Policy bless enhancement minor GIST
#11 Send back error on unusable NLI bless task minor GIST
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