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Ticket Status Severity Priority Owner Created Summary
#96 new major bless Aug 6, 2008 Add proxy mode logic
#97 new major roehricht Aug 6, 2008 Add simple RMF logic
#101 new major bless Sep 28, 2008 Resends with RII are broken
#102 new major bless Sep 29, 2008 process_sii_handle broken
#110 new major bless Nov 4, 2008 SII handle change or routing change should trigger new RESERVE
#118 new major bless Jun 25, 2009 Catch Exception whenever client is no longer connected to UDS
#145 new major bless Dec 11, 2009 QoS-NSLP doesn't properly handle endpoints that are not QoS-NSLP aware
#154 new major bless Feb 2, 2010 Update to latest draft-18
#163 new major bless May 26, 2010 Crash during startup on tb13
#159 new minor bless Feb 10, 2010 RSN for TEARing RESERVE gets incremented twice on QNEs
#176 new minor bless Sep 28, 2012 QoS NSLP Break and Reduced Refresh message flags improperly defined in nslp_pdu.h
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