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GIST draft-ietf-nsis-ntlp-16 upgrade: SendMessage() InterceptionClass

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Priority: major Milestone: Release 1.0
Component: GIST Version: 0.96
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Draft 16 removes the RAO option usage. SendMessage?() API call now has an additional parameter to indicate RAO usage...

  SendMessage ( NSLP-Data, NSLP-Data-Size, NSLP-Message-Handle,
                NSLPID, Interception-Class, Session-ID, MRI, SII-Handle,
                Transfer-Attributes, Timeout, IP-TTL, GIST-Hop-Count )

   Interception-Class:  Hint about how GIST should encapsulate any
      Q-mode messages; see Section
   To support this type of extension, signalling applications associate
   all messages for a given NSLPID with a single interception class,
   which is a parameter provided through the GIST API (Appendix B.1).
   The NSLPID to interception class mapping is defined as part of the
   signalling application specification; multiple NSLPIDs can be mapped
   to the same class.  Packet interception extensions are allowed to use
   this additional parameter to enable Q-mode interception for specific
   interception classes rather than for all signalling messages.  This
   definition of interception classes allows such extensions to be
   designed and implemented purely at the GIST level, without changing
   signalling application specifications.  Guidelines on defining
   interception classes are given in [13].

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