A free C++ implementation of NSIS protocols

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3rd NSIS Interoperability Test Event

Date: May 9th-11th 2007 hosted at the University of Karlsruhe, Institute of Telematics, Germany.

Please indicate if you intend to participate and with which protocol implementations (we agreed on GIST draft-13). So far Siemens Roke Manor, U of Coimbra, U of Göttingen have indicated their interest (but for local arrangements, however, it would also be good to know how many people from each group will participate).

First info for travel arrangements: nearest Airports are Frankfurt (FRA) or Stuttgart (STR) both nearly 1 hour by train/car away from Karlsruhe. Frankfurt is the larger airport and has a good direct train connection (60min) to Karlsruhe main station.

I will put a list of recommended hotels together and more travel information soon here.

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