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Proof-of-Concept Mobility Support for the QoS-NSLP

The mobility enabled QoS-NSLP code can be found at dist/qos-nslp-ka/branches/20080714-mobility in the SVN Repository. To obtain the code do a:

svn co https://svn.ipv6.tm.uka.de/nsis/dist/qos-nslp-ka/branches/20080714-mobility qos-mobility

In order to function this code needs a special version of the USAGI mip6d, modified to notify and inform the QoS-NSLP about active Bindings.

In order to build this code, one first has to build the mip6d on nodes that are supposed to work as MN, HA or MIPv6 enabled CN. Follow the instructions on the excellent USAGI HowTo, but add --enable-uds to the configure parameter in order to enable the FlowInfoService Unix Domain Socket Interface that is used to export Binding state to the QoS-NSLP. Also make sure to set the prefix to /usr/local for the moment, as the static build routines in the QoS-NSLP assume to find the uds.h include file under that hierarchy.

Once the mip6d has been installed you can build the QoS-NSLP. Follow the generic build instructions. If the file /usr/local/include/uds.h exists, the QoS-NSLP will automatically be built with mobility support enabled. Intermediate nodes (e.g. Access Router) don't need active mobility support and will work just fine if built without this header.

The following additional configuration parameter must be set in gist.conf in order to properly support mobility:

On the MN:

HOME_ADDR=fdfd:b6f0:1fd4:2001::2	# The MN's HoA
COA_IFACE=eth1				# The interface on which the CoA is configured

On the HA:

HOME_NET=fdfd:b6f0:1fd4:2001::/64	# The home network
HA_ADDR=fdfd:b6f0:1fd4:2001::2000	# The primary HA address
ALT_HA_ADDR=fdfd:b6f0:1fd4:2001::2002	# Alternative HA address
                                        # No Route-Optimization with any connected MN
                                        # Required for Tunnel mode

On the CN: No additional options are required.

Additional Information

More information can be found in the following technical report Telematics Technical Report TM-2009-1: Max Laier: Analysis and Design of Mobility Support for QoS NSLP

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