A free C++ implementation of NSIS protocols

Access to Subversion

  • You need a TRAC account if you want to file tickets.
  • You need an SVN account if you want to actively contribute to the code base.
    • The base URL is: https://svn.ipv6.tm.uka.de/nsis
      Don't be worried by different web site names. i72projekte.tm.uka.de, projekte.tm.uka.de will also work as well as *.tm.uni-karlsruhe.de
  • If you want to change your password you should visit https://svn.ipv6.tm.uka.de/
  • Password reset can only be done manually, i.e. you have to send mail.

Send mail to Roland Bless if you want a TRAC/SVN account providing sufficient contact information.

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